Introduction to DeNesia and DeNesia Handmade Bags
Indonesia Handmade Bags & Home Accessories
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Introduction to DeNesia and DeNesia Handmade Bags

DeNesia is an Indonesia legally registered brand for handmade bags, founded and owned by a self-taught artist Tirahmah (Rahma). Rahma is originally from Aceh, the very west most province of Indonesia. After working over 11 years within various Humanitarian Agencies she decided to make a living from her passion, and therefore DeNesia is established. ‘DeNesia’ is derived from ‘Dek Nong’ for Rahma’s childhood name (the youngest daughter in the family) and ‘Indonesia’ for Indonesia made products.

DeNesia produces and sales the Handmade Bags and Home Accessories inspired by the beauty of Indonesia Nature and Culture found in straw and Batik/Handwoven Tenun,  with modern touch. All of our bags are original, designed exclusively, and handcrafted lovingly by DeNesia in a beautiful city Jogjakarta, Indonesia. Therefore, you will find each item is unique and limited which makes it is special

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